Toys for Menfolk

Walking into a sex shop, one can get the impression that sex toy makers are pretty single-minded. There are rubber cocks here and there, and all manner of curvaceous, colorful, textured, motorized devices designed to tickle every erogenous spot on the cis-woman.

To some extent men can adopt toys for cis-women. Vibrators can be run up and down the shaft of the penis, and some dildos can be used anally. However, most of the more impressive looking dildos don’t have proper flares or angles to prevent them from being lost in the anal canal. Also, many vibrators which are enough for women just don’t have the same appeal to cis-male genitalia. Straight-identifying men also may not want their sex toy to look like it was lopped off another bloke.

Here are what I believe are the cream of the crop when it comes to toys designed for men.

Tenga’s Flip Hole

While the Fleshlight is probably the most popular sex toy for men, I am much more impressed by Tenga’s masturbation sleeve products. They have more unique textures, split for easier cleaning, and a less “disembodied vulva” feel to them. For someone who wants a basic stroking toy, this does the trick. If you’re looking for a more realistic thrusting experience, you may enjoy this mount.

The Man Eater

This is a unique and goofy looking toy, but gets the job done. It’s designed to curve around a cock while vibrating and being stroked up and down.

Cobra Libre

If you like vibrations, but want something stronger, this is a powerful, duel-motor vibrating sleeve that fits over the head of the penis. It’s not meant for thrusting, so may be an odd experience at first, but it can bring about some of the most powerful orgasms from penile stimulation alone.

Nexus Glide

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to start exploring prostate stimulation, I recommend starting with this toy. Really, the whole Nexus line of prostate stimulators is fantastic. I’ve found that while the standard recommended toy for prostate play is the Aneros, I feel that the Nexus toys are more sturdily made and less “poke-y” around the perineum region due to the ball bearing bit. For more on the Nexus Glide see my review here.


While there are quite a few vibrating prostate toys, including a nice one by Nexus, they mostly amount to a simple plastic or rubber toy with a little bullet vibrator inserted in the end. The Billy, on the other hand, is a powerful, rechargeable vibrator that knows its business. Its intensity (which is extremely adjustable for the more sensitive) is second only to the Hitachi Magic Wand, which you need an attachment for if you’re going to attempt any anal play with it. Check out this stellar review of the Billy if you’re still not convinced.

Njoy Pure Wand

If you find you like pressure more than you do vibration against your prostate, look no further than the Pure Want. It’s solid steel and perfectly curved. I was convinced of the magic of this toy by a review by Epiphora. Yes, she’s reviewing it for G-spot use, but the prostate is very anatomically similar.

Odds and Ends

If you’re looking for something to spice things up with your partner, you might look into the rechargeable Bo cock ring. If you’re a fan of prostate play you might try pegging. These recommendations are made primarily with cis, straight couples in mind because that’s what I’m most intimately familiar with and don’t feel comfortable making recommendations for people with different circumstances than I. I do recommend this great article on toys for trans*guys, however. If anyone in any sort of queer relationship has any other recommendations, do let me know! One last piece of advice—be sure to shop around! Sex toys are often marked up a great deal to take advantage of people who are too embarrassed to check more than one store. There are often great sales/coupons available either on the main store site or in their Twitter feeds and email newsletters. You can save quite a lot off “sticker” price.

Update: This seems like a promising toy for trans*men and other guys with smaller than typical equipment.